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About Us

Vala Thai Food produces high value of life, healthy food products. 

Thai food is popular across the world for number of years.  It has been proven that Thai herbal foods have medicinal properties. Our key secret for very delicious ready to eat Thai food is authentic Thai ingredients that includes strong aromatic herbs, spices, vegetables, seasonings and pastes. 

“VALA” for value of life has developed organic products which are made of premium organic ingredients. Vala Thai Food is one of the best companies, producing Organic and Vegan Traditional Thai Food products. In today’s busy life people hardly find time to prepare the food, Vala Thai Food is perfect choice for them. We produce Ready-to-eat and Ready-to-Cook products that are very convenient to prepare in short period of time, but feel like serving in restaurants. 

Our organic products are produced in a way that complies with organic standards, certified by USDA organic and EU-Organic Certifications. Besides, these our products are also accredited with SGS-GMP, SGS- HACCP, BRC Food Certifications.



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